Soccer 2013/2014 - Sallins National School

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Soccer 2013/2014


Soccer Competitions for 5th and 6th Classes
Girls' Soccer Blitz - Friday 21st March in Kilcullen Community Centre Pitches (mid-Kildare blitz).
If the girls qualify the Kildare Finals are on Friday 28th March in Kilcullen again.

Boys' Soccer Blitz - Thursday 27th March in Kilcullen Community Centre Pitches (Kildare Finals - the boys' large schools finals are all played in 1 day).

Sallins continue their winning streak!

There was an air of apprehension as Sallins team awaited their fate. It was going to be a battle to defeat Crookestown N.S. who were also on a winning streak. It started at approx. 3.15pm, the referee blew the whistle and the battle began. Sallins took the lead after 5 minutes with a terrific point from Luke Monahan from a 45. Crookestown responded straight away with a skilful point from one of Crookestown forwards. Around 5 minutes later Crookestown scored the first goal of the game. The Sallins goalkeeper did get a hand to it but it did find the net. Crookestown got the ball after the kick out and scored another great point. It looked like Crookestown were the really the better side at that point. Then Sallins came alive again and scored a lovely goal by James Dalton. Crookestown scored a point to make them two points ahead. Just before half time there was another lovely goal for Crookestown. A great shot found the top corner. The half time score was Crookestown 2-03 Sallins 1-01. Sallins were looking forward to half time to refuel.

In the second half Sallins scored another goal just a minute in. It was a really skilful goal finding the bottom corner. Sallins scored another point to make Crookestown just one point ahead. There was a big gap between those two scores. The fans on both sides were probably nervous for both teams. The game was very tense. Crookestown scored two very important points making Sallins 3 points behind. It wasn’t long before Sallins scored two magnificent points. Oisin Hand, a half forward, continued the point scoring with a brilliant point from a free. The game was level and the supporters spurred them on. With the continued cheers of the supporters, Sallins scored two more winning points edging them into the lead. It was a tense moment when Crookestown just missed  a great goal chance. The final whistle was blown and Sallins had won by 2-07 to 2-05. The Sallins supporters were delighted. Sallins were the new under 11 school champions.   


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