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Safer Internet Day 2012

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Safer Internet Day 2012

Safer Internet Day-Talks in the Library

All the 4th - 6th classes visited the library in turn to meet Quintin Cleary and Community Garda Jian H Cai. Our visiting speakers presented a really interesting and fun talk on a safe and effective approach to online activities.

This year's Safer Internet Day theme is "Discovering the Internet together - safely": promoting safer and more effective use of the Internet by children.


Back in the Classrooms!

Once back in the classrooms we had time to look at the "Family E-Safety Kit" which we are bringing home!
There is a Family Fun Book: Taming the Web! In this book we can learn more about Internet Security, Communicating via the Internet,  Combatting Cyberbullying and a Guide to Entertaining & Downloading.
We also have a Parental Guide that serves as a reference: containing background information and notes on the activities.
Some of the classes have already visited the and sites with their teachers to experience the  Internet Safety Modules: Age 8-12.

visit for more information!

Be Safe! Be......WEBWISE!

Thank You
Quintin Cleary: Microsoft
Community Garda Jian H Cai
Safer Internet Day 7th February 2012


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