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Internet Safety Week

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Internet Safety Week

It is Internet Safety Week and Quentin Cleary came from Microsoft to talk to us about internet safety. The first thing he talked about was being polite and respectful when talking to others online. He explained that if you show respect to others they will show the same to you. He talked about not sharing personal information with strangers online. We were shown a video about a young girl who shared too much personal information online with an older man. The man stalked her online because he could find out everything about the girl. He finished by telling us not to share passwords with anyone.

By Mark, Padhraic, Louise, Leah and Cian



Internet Safety!!
6 th February 2013

On Wednesday we went to the library to see a guy called Quentin Clery from Microsoft. He came to teach us about Internet Safety. First of all he told us about cyber bullying and explained this in a little movie about Becky and Simon. Becky was a young girl who had made friends with Simon on the internet. He pretended he was the same age as she was but really he was a lot older. The movie also explained how easily our private information and photos can be used by strangers on the internet. We learned how important it is to be nice on-line and to think twice before sending a message.
Most importantly, we learned to ……..

Connect with Respect!

By Lucy, Noreen and Raymond

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