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CraftEd in 4th Class

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CraftEd in 4th Class

In February 2015 Ms. Kelly's fourth class was lucky enough to be accepted onto the "CraftEd" programme run jointly by Kildare Education Centre and the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. The class was very lucky to have an expert in felting, Gabi McGrath, come into the class to show the children how to felt.
In the first lesson with Gabi the children got to 'draw, colour and write' with wool and yarn! This was an illuminating experience. The next step in the felting journey was actually drawing on paper. The children had to draw pictures inspired by the topic of transport. Then there was some class discussion before agreement was reached on what the wall-hanging would have on it. After that a very large scale picture was drawn incorporating 'vehicles' such as a UFO, a rocket, hot air balloons, a train and even the Titanic!! Then this fantastic picture was gradually turned into a felt wall-hanging. The children layered wool, felt and yarn to create the pictures. When that was finished they had to rub warm water and soap into the wall-hanging in order to start the felting process. They rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. When the picture was set by the rubbing then the rolling began. The wall-hanging had to be rolled many, many, many times from each side so the picture would shrink equally from all sides.
The children were amazed at the final result of all their hard work. Each child also completed a small 3D piece and therefore gained experience in having to use a resist in felting. All the children agreed that it was an exciting, educational and enjoyable experience which would encourage them to wholeheartedly participate in other projects in the future.
Thanks of the children are extended to Gabi McGrath, the school's board of management, Kildare Education Centre and the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland for enabling them to have such a wonderful felting experience.
The felt wall-hanging is now hanging along the corridor between rooms 5 and 6, for everyone to see. Please have a look at it the next time you are passing.


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