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Cooking Together 2013 :

Cooking Together

Welcome Back!

We hope you are following us as we cook our way through the year!
Don't forget to check out all our recipe pages including our Archive!
This week we baked Viennese Biscuits. They turned out really well and we welcome you to try them out as we did! Gather the ingredients you need and cook along with us. You'll be glad you did! YUM!

You Will Need:

175g    Butter
40g      Icing Sugar
1tsp     Vanilla Essence
175g    Plain Flour

Chocolate fudge icing/ganache for the centre, or any
flavoured butter icing/cream filling of your choice!

Oven: 190 C for 12-14 mins!  

April 2013:
Cooking at
Sallins National School

Savory Cheese Straws!

80g Plain Flour
40g Butter
40g Grater Chedder
1 Small Egg

Cheese Straws!

Simply blend the ingredients together in the food processor as shown in the slide show! Roll out the dough and cut into strips. They look extra fancy if you twist the strips into spirals. Next, cook the cheese straws/spirals in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 180 degrees! Leave them to cool for a few minutes and then enjoy them as a snack with dips! We played the MEMORY game while we waited for the Cheese Straws to cook & cool!

Try these tasty treats at home!
See you soon!


You Will Need:
125g Butter
60g   Brown Sugar
50ml Honey or Golden Syrup
250g Porridge Oats
Oven: 180 C: 15-20 mins
Our slide show tells you HOW!

March 1st 2013
Nellie's Cookies
White Chocolate Chip

One Jar of Nellie's Cookies.
75g Butter & 1 egg yolk creamed together.
MIX Together!
Form into cookies & Cook for 12minutes @ 190 degrees C.

To make the cookies we followed a sequence of simple steps which you can see in the horizontal slide show below! Click the arrows!

February 2013

During the month of February we met and cooked together each week!
One healthy and enjoyable activity was our study of the Food Pyramid!
We selected our choice of foods from our "Home Made Food Pyramid" and prepared our own "Lunch Snacks!"

Our tastes differ so we all had something a little different!
View our Pyramid and see our snack options for yourself!

We prepared couscous: (1/2 cup couscous mixed with a pinch of salt and 3/4 cup boiling water: cover and  leave to stand for 10 minutes). We also toasted bread in the toaster! These food items came from the base of our pyramid: energy giving foods!

Each of us chose a selection of foods from the pyramid we had constructed. We chatted together while we prepared the snacks! We had a choice of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats from the mid sections of the pyramid. We took care to only select one product from the top of the Pyramid! Most of us liked the chocolate spread!

January 2013

Back in January we spent a few weeks baking sweet and savory tartlets. We had pre baked pastry cases and selected a range of sweet/savory fillings. Once filled we cooked the tartlets in the oven (180 degrees) for 8-10 minutes!
View our slide shows below for some ideas!

To fill the sweet tartlets we used the" Victoria Sponge Recipe". 175g butter, 175g caster sugar, 175g self-raising flour, drop vanilla essence, 3 eggs: mixed using the all in one method!
We hid a little Jam or chocolate under the cake mixture on the base of the pre-baked pastry case! A surprise flavour! It was good fun baking together! We played a game of "Headbandz" while we waited 10 minutes for our sweet tartlets to bake in the oven at 180 degrees!

Did you spot the big half vanilla/half chocolate Victoria Sponge Cake in the middle of the slide show! One of our group celebrated a birthday and we sang celebrated together!

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