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Cooking: Autumn Term 2012 Visit us!

Cooking Together

Once upon a time........
There was a little girl called

It's all about porridge today:
What was it about "Baby Bear's" porridge that made it "Just Right"?

We made traditional porridge following the instructions on the packet:
We used:

160g        Oat flakes
1 litre of milk
A pinch of salt
Our recipe called for two and a half times as much milk as oatflakes!
We weighed 160g oatflakes and observed that this measured 400ml in our bucket scales. So we calculated two and a half times 400ml = 1000ml! = 1 Litre Milk!

We boiled the oats, milk and salt in a large pot stirring continuously....
Hey Presto..... Perfect porridge!

Each of us made our porridge "Just Right" by adding a selection of fruits and flavours:
We chose from...
Banana, Sultanas, Pears, Honey, Chocolate Spread, Jams, Pine Nuts, Brown sugar & Milk to Cool!

The Verdict:
Well... some of us started out thinking: I'm not sure I'll taste it!"
But found ourselves saying....
"Please Sir...... I want some more!

For more information:
Porridge: Oats and Their Many Health Benifits
by Margaret Briggs, 2008
ISBN 978-1-86147-069-0
Abbeydale Press, Wigston, Leicester, England

A warm welcome to you all!

We hope that we have keen cooks joining us from near and far! Last week we were honoured to have so many teachers from across Europe visit our "Baking Room" and share our Shamrock Cookies!


As you can see from our slide show....
We did grow tomatoes from seed...
Sadly the Irish summer sun did not ripen our crop!

So we have green tomatoes!
Any suggestions?

Maybe a green tomato chutney!

So... This week we are savory baking! Today: 5th October 2012, we made Cheesy Crackers

Cheesy Crackers!

You need:
150g self raising flour
1/2 tsp salt
75g soft butter or margarine
75g grated cheese: we used "Parmesan"
1 egg whisked with 1 tbsp milk.

Reserve a little egg mix and cheese to decorate the star crackers before baking for 8-10 minutes at 200*C!
Serve with a tasty dip, butter or just as they are!

Click on the pictures to start the slide shows!

The slide show above shows us making the cheesy cracker dough & in the slide show below we are preparing "star" crackers! Can you spot how we improvised ..... one of us forgot to bring in the rolling pin!!!! Everyone tasted the cookies! Some of us loved them! A few of us thought the cheese flavour was a bit strong! You can try them at home! Everyone to their own choice of cheese!

The Comenius Project

A Warm Welcome This Week
To Our
Visiting Teachers!
25th September 2012
Everyone is "Welcome" Baking this week!
Our Contribution is "SHAMROCK COOKIES!"     

To make aboout 14 Shramrock Cookies you will need:

75g    Butter or Soft Margarine
25g    Icing Sugar
115g   Plain Flour
A Drop of Vanilla Essence

Heat the oven to 180*C, 350*F, gas mark 4.
In the slide show you can see how we blended the ingredients to form a dough.
Then we rolled out the dough, cut shamrock shaped cookies, baked them for 10 minutes and decorated them!
We hope our visitors will enjoy them at tea break on Thursday this week!

Here we have prepared two slide shows for you to follow! On the left you can see the cookie dough being made and on the right you can see how we rolled out the dough and cut, baked and decorated the cookies!

By the way! This batch tasted great!


Week: 14th September 2012

This week we cooked eggs!
First: We scrammbled eggs.
Then: We adapted a French Toast recipe from another of our classroom cook books!

This gave us a choice of savory and sweet eggs! Try both at home and see if you get a "Thumbs Up!" and empty plates from family and friends!
We did!

Scrambled Eggs!

To make our scrambled eggs on toast we used:
3 eggs whisked.
1/2 cup milk added in.
A knob of butter.
Salt and pepper to taste!
We gently scrambled the eggs in a pot on the hob while we toasted the bread under the grill in the oven.
At all times we were very careful and were working with grown ups!

For the French Toast we used:
3 eggs whisked.
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp allspice
We added 1/2 cup milk and
1/2 cap Vanilla essence.
A drizzle of honey!
We soaked the bread in this mixture and then we fried it gently on the pan.
You can follow our directions by clicking on the slide show below!

We had fun working and chatting together!

We made changes to the recipe to suit our tastes!

We enjoyed a choice of toppings for the French Toast!
Nutella, Jam, Honey, Banana!


To Finish!

One of our group celebrates a birthday this weekend!

Happy Birthday to you!

So we had a surprise candle treat & cupcakes!



Week: 7th September 2012

We took our recipe from one
of our classroom cook books!

We have quite a collection
of books now!

Fruit Feast!

So! You know what to do!
Gather together chocolate, cream and fruits of your choice. Then cook along with us! Simply click on the slide show below and follow the steps.
To melt the chcolate we set a glass bowl over a pot of simmering water!
Please be careful. Make sure a grown up is with you.
Remember we also have adults guiding us for safety!
We are not alone!!!

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