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Cooking Together

Hello Everyone!
We are delighted that you are visiting our cookery web page.
Look and Learn with us! Scroll down through our recipes and try them out for yourselves. Try some of these......

*  Fruit Feast: Kebabs
*  Stewed Apples: sooth that sore throat
*  Pancakes: Not just for Shrove Tuesday!
*  Bird Cake: Yes! It's for the birds!
*  Benvenuto:  Let's cook Pizza!
*  Freshly baked Tea Scones
*  Flapjacks!
*  Fench Toast! Bon Appetite!
*  Salt Dough: Christmas decorations
*  Pasta: A warm snack: Just add toppings!
*  Jam Tarts: Fit for Royalty & Gift wrapped too!
*  Belgian Waffles!

Fruit Feast!
Friday 9th March 2012

Fruit is delicious, nutritious and versatile!
Making Friut Kebabs is fun! We decided to grill our fruit kebabs and serve them with honey and chocolate sauce! Follow our Thumbnail slide show below and learn how to assemble and grill the kebabs.


A soothing treat for a sore throat. Stewed Apples!
24th February 2012

These Apples were given to us by Ms Kelly in 2nd Class!
They come from a very old apple tree........
100 years old!

To prepare the apples for stewing we:

Peeled them,
Cored them
Sliced them
Placed them in the pot
Added a little water and sugar.....
Simmered them gently until they softened!


Serving Suggestions!
These slides will show you how we prepared custard!

Why not try this comfort food yourself! Cook along with us!
Sore throats.... in fact anyone feeling "under the weather"
will be cheered and soothed by this snack!
We chose warm custard or cold vanilla yoghurt as a topping!


Celebrating Pancake Tuesday!
February 2012
We enjoyed a traditional pancake recipie!
200g Flour
30g Sugar
1/2 l Milk
4 Eggs

Ms Kelly's 2nd Class Celebrated
by cooking pancakes.....
using a specially prepared
"Egg Free Batter"
Always keeping in mind that
some of us have an egg allergy!


The Proof  of the "Bird Pudding" is in the Eating!

10th February 2012

Hello Everyone!
Today we are cooking for the birds!
It's still cold out there and they need our help finding food.
As a starting point we "Googled" bird cake recipies. We liked one we found on Red Ted Art's Blog: You can also "Google": RSPB bird cake and Birdwatch Ireland for great advice and ideas.
Follow along with us and soon you too will have bird cake for your garden!
Next week we will hang out the cake (it is in the fridge over the weekend) and hopefully get some good photos of the birds.

You will need:

Wild bird seed
Plastic cups
sissors & card
Grated cheese! (we used dried oats)
A sausepan to melt the lard on a very low heat!

Safety! Be careful of peanut allergies. Also we read on the packaging of our seeds and nuts that they are not fit for human consumption.  

Some recipies suggest that you do not melt the lard.
We melted it very carefully on a low heat.

We did not make a hole on the plastic cups as melted lard would leak out.
We made a circle string holder for the base of the cup instead!

We will remove the bird cake from the plastic cups early next week and hang the cake in our school garden. Hopefully we will get some great pictures of the birds enjoying their food!

We love to celebrate!

While we cannot eat the bird cake we were able to share "Birthday Cake"
One of our group celebrates a special 10th birthday this weekend so of course we had time to sing:

Happy "Bird Cake" to you!

Next Friday is mid-term
See you in a few weeks!


Today we are celebrating the return
of our teachers from Italy!

COMENIUS 2011-2013

So to welcome them home:
Let's cook PIZZA!

We turned the Room into
"Casa Italy"
A Mini Pizzeria for the day.........
With Wonderful Results!
Come Cook With Us!
2nd February 2012

As Always!
Gather together the things
you will need before starting.
Then follow along with us as we cook!
Our slide show will guide you!

We had a quick and easy way to make Pizza Dough!
"The Bread Machine"
Place these ingredients in this order into the bread maker.
Press "menu" 5 times
Press "start"......45 minutes later.......
Perfect Pizza Dough! Mama Mia!
2 tsp dried yeast
500g Flour
290ml Water
1tsp Salt
1 and half tbl sp Olive Oil
It really works!

The dough is easy to work with.
Take a small ball of dough.
Gently use your knuckles to stretch it out to a thin base.
We used Bolognaise Sauce and favourite toppings:
You decide your favourites!

Cook in a hot oven 225 C for 8-10 minutes!
Just enough time to play "I Spy"
Or a fun "Guessing" game with your friends / family!

our Pizzas!
you do


Happy New Year to all our Readers!

We hope you are logging on and joining in the cooking!


Freshly Baked Tea Scones!

27th January 2012

Best eaten warm from the oven with toppings of your choice!

Sorry Mum! We ate them all at school!

The Ingredients You Need!

200g Plain Flour
50g Caster Surgar
50g Butter
A Few Pinches of Salt
1 Heaped of Teaspoon Baking Powder
1 Egg
5 Tablespoons of Milk

Bowl, weighing scales, baking tray,
Food processor! knife, spoons,
Rolling pin, Scone cutter, Oven @ 200 C.


Follow the steps in this slide show.
Mix the flour, salt, sugar, butter & baking powder.
Blend them in the food processor until it looks like fine crumbs!



Add the egg, and the milk.
Blend once more to form a soft scone dough!



Roll out the scone dough very gently.
Cut scones and place them on the baking tray.
Glaze with milk & sprinkle with sugar.
We made small scones that cooked in
8 minutes!

Just enough time to play a few rounds of I Spy!
Do the tidy up and prepare for the feast!



Sit with your friends & family.
Have a chat & enjoy the warm scones.
We topped them with Chocolate Spread, Jam, or Butter.

You can choose your favourite flavours.





The Art
Christmas Cooking!

Recipe for Salt Dough

One Cup of Plain Flour
Half a Cup Salt
Half a Cup of Water
One tablespoon of Lemon Juice.
One Teaspoon of Vegetable Oil

Using a food processor, mix all these ingredients together to form a dough. Rest the dough in cling film for 30 minutes.
Now it is ready!

Let's Make Christmas Decorations!.
Roll out the dough. Christmas Cookie Cutters make perfect decorations! "Cook" them in a cool oven: 60C for 3 or 4 hours. The lemon Juice keeps them nice and white! Decorate with glitter and sparkles!
Gift wrap for Someone Special!

Click on the Film Strip to View our Slide Show!




Tasty Treats for You and  Your Friends!

Jam Tarts

Made by the Friday Cookery Groups
November 2011

You will need:

250g Plain Flour
Pinch of salt
100g of butter
4tbsp cold water

To fill and Decorate the Tarts:

Jam! Your favourite flavours of course!
Circular cutter for tart bases
Small fancy cutters for the decoration tops!

To make the pastry:

  • Chop the butter into small pieces

  • Add it to the flour

  • Blend it to look like Breadcrumbs,

  using an electric mixer! Or your fingers!!

  • Mix in 4 tbsp of cold water and form it

  into a pastry dough using your hands.

This slide show to the right, demonstrates making
the pastry.

Once the pastry is ready you can follow us in the slide show. We will take you step by step through the process!
Oven: 180 C
Cook Time: 15 Minutes

Health & Safety!
Always cook with a Grown Up helping you!
Warning! Wait until the Jam Tarts have cooled before you eat them.
Jam stays hot for a long time and you could burn your mouth!

We made gift boxes and took some tarts home!


Ready! Steady! Go!

Let's Cook......


You wiill need...

150g    Flour
1/4l     Milk
40g     Icing Sugar
50g     Butter
1        Egg
1 tsp   Baking Powder
a pinch of salt!

and... a WAFFLE  IRON!

follow the steps
in our slide show!

We had great fun cooking together
and we know that you will
really enjoy
these delicious waffles!

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